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Dominique Carl
The Color Purple Essay
Period 4/5 I think at some point in everyone’s life they’ve heard the words, “you’ve changed”.
However in my opinion, people never change, other people just never knew who they really were.
The Color Purple written by Alice Walker, is a journey through Celie’s metamorphosis from when she was weak and hopeless to when she blossomed into a strong independent woman, and this was mostly because many people doubted her abilities of intelligence. This is strongly influenced by the people who she surrounded herself with, because it then contributed to the elements that coincided with Celie’s transformation. Some of those elements include; self­expression, sisterhood, and subversion of patriarchy. Moreover, Celie’s use of self­expression truly showed everyone her true feelings.
Celie’s letters to god portrayed all of the emotional thoughts that couldn't bare another second with only herself. Shug explains to Celie, “God love all them feelings. That’s some of the best stuff God did. And when you know God loves ‘em you enjoys ‘em a lot more.”(196). God was
Celie’s outlet and the only person she felt like truly loved her, because in the beginning of the novel, Celie portrays to be very frail and defeatist. On the other hand, the strength and wisdom of Nettie, Shug, Sophia, and Squeak is what kept Celie optimistic. They each learned from each others foolish mistakes, which only made them stronger and wiser. When Celie was a little girl she was sexually abused by her so­called step­father, and because of that Celie struggled her whole life to find her happiness.
In one of Celie’s letters to god she pleads, “ They just look at me there struggling with
Mr.______ children.”(43). The men never bothered helping Celie, but in this Novel, Walker truly gave a voice to the struggling black women and proved that with the inspiration of others, anything is possible. The outcome of this, helped Celie realize that it’s time to stand up for herself and become a stronger woman. Furthermore, subversion of