The Color Purple Symbolism Essay

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Symbolic Color in The Color Purple
Oppression is not in the past, perhaps it never will be. Women continue to endure oppression in their everyday lives; husband's, co-workers, peers, and even strangers, underestimate the capabilities women possess. But, women have the power to support one another and fight against male authority. With encouragement, they can overcome the hardship to prove their resilience. The Pulitzer prize-winning novel, The Color Purple, explores the power of female relationships. The protagonist, Celie, a victimized, passive, black women, finds her prowess through others with maturation. In The Color Purple, author, Alice Walker, brilliantly uses color to symbolize that despite male dominance, women find their inner strength through the females they encounter.
The initial dark colors presented, represent Celie’s unassertive nature, and hopeless situation. As a young girl, Celie is raped by her dad, then married off to a man named Albert. Shortly after this, at a time when Celie is without the support of other women, Albert’s sisters come to visit, and one, Kate, takes her out shopping
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In The Color Purple, Celie, with support, is able to mature into a bold, hopeful woman, who rejects sexism, and refutes stereotypes. Her transformation is empowering; it shows that anything is possible with positive reinforcement and determination. It demonstrates the potential to prevail suffering. Remember this the next time there is an incident of bullying, discrimination, or oppression. Make bold choices; oppose what is wrong. Support someone who has experienced an unjustified circumstance. Despite what society conveys about particular people deserving unequal treatment, everyone is human. No one deserves to be regarded as anything less. Not because of gender, race, religion, not because of anything. Be the difference and help when no one else