The Color Red Short Story

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PreNote: This story has no absolute scientific sense to it at all whatsoever. So it might be a little bit stupid and all that.
On this planet, 100 billion years ago, there were only basic colors called red, blue, and yellow. The color red is the color of the land, blue is the color of water, and yellow is the color of the sun. Even though the inhabitants on the Earth was content with the colors that the God of Colors gave them, they eventually got sick and tired of seeing the same 3 colors every day. The inhabitants were complaining to the God of Colors, and soon after, all the continents were filled with inhabitants whining and moaning about colors. In order to appease the needs of the inhabitants, the God of Colors granted their wish, and gave them the Secondary Colors: Purple, Orange, and Green. The God of Colors hoped that was the end of this issue, but he was wrong…….
10 billion years ago…..
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They were hungry for more colors, and all 6 colors are just not enough for them! The inhabitants got wiser over the years, and they started to create their own colors. As much as their wisdom gets, they still don’t have the knowledge of creating and mixing colors. So disasters followed; Explosions turned everything in its blast radius into a single color, rain turned from blue into red or purple. The population of the Earth is decreasing rapidly, and Earth would soon cease to be if the catastrophes keep on happening. Finally, the God of Colors got annoyed by this nonsense, and finally made an announcement to the