Essay on The Colors of Great Gatsby

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Gatsby’s Colors The colors that you are related to show the type of personality that you have and they can sometimes also tell someone about your physical appearance as well. In reading, the colors can do many things, such as help you connect with the character and give you a better understanding of the character in question as well. When a reader is reading a very descriptive scene, it is always better to completely fill the image that the reader gets with colors, because it raises the quality of that image, where you are not able to do that with any other type of literary element, and it also shows what emotions might be occurring in the picture. The first color that relates to Gatsby is Gold because gold is a color that symbolizes money, wealth, prosperity and wisdom. We already know that Gatsby is very wealthy and prospers because of where he lives but Gatsby is also very wise and intelligent. Gatsby has been through the rough circumstances of war, which can make a man much wiser and cleverer. Gatsby also attended Oxford University, which helps emphasize the idea of him being intelligent and clever. “I was in the Seventh Infantry until June nineteen-eighteen. I knew I’d seen you somewhere before (Fitzgerald pg,47).” This quote shows that Gatsby was actually fighting in World War 2 and it shows that Gatsby was not just a person who got his money from his parents, but a person who had to fight and work to make a living.
The second color that is related to Gatsby is the color black. Most people relate the color black to death and evil but it is more of a mysterious and deceiving color. At the start of the story, Gatsby was truly mysterious because nobody saw him very much except for short glimpses and there were a lot of rumors about the made him seem like a bad man. “When I looked once more for Gatsby he had vanished, and I was alone again in the unquiet darkness (Fitzgerald pg.21).” This quote shows that Gatsby was not seen