The Comfort Woman, Japanese Military Sexual Slavery: Voluntary

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Past three years, I have eyed “Comfort Woman”, Japanese Military Sexual Slavery, to the Japanese Imperial Armed Forces during World War II. During the high school, I had visited ‘War and Women Rights museum’ at Seoul and I began to put more thoughts about, “The Comfort Woman," and started to dig deeper. As I read through its publication, I realized how war can rape human rights so easily. History cannot be forgotten and we need to correct our mistakes so it doesn't happen again. Using the war on Gaza strip, we need to reflect on our faults from our past and make sure they do not feel neglected or carry a heavy burden on themselves. The Comfort Woman gives diplomatic way to solve future international problems or conflict. Japanese sexual slavery is definitely one of the problems that concerns me. …show more content…
Many Korean people want to tell about ‘Dok-Do’ as the Korean territory to foreign people. However, Most Korean people do not know about History of this island and even I did not know. As a member of ‘Voluntary Agency Network of Korea”, it was an oxymoron and became big motivation to learn about Korean history. There is an expression that “People can learn from their history”. That was why I became to study about Korean history, and tried to teach truth of Korean history to my friends. If we do not care about our history, our future will be gone. These thoughts have become stronger as I learn and I started to debate with my friends about these topics. It was not professional, but it was a good opportunity to turn some serious topics in our