The Comparison and Contrast of Education Systems Between China and America Essay

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The Comparison and Contrast of Education Systems between China and America
The following essay will compare and contrast the education systems between China and America. The term "Education System" can be defined as” The system of formalized transmission of knowledge and values operating within a given society (Trade Chakra Website, “Education System in Malaysia”). In china, the education is divided into three categories: basic education, higher education, and adult education (China Education and Research Network Website, “Education System in China”), this research will discuss the topic of higher education or high school education system in two countries in detail. The main areas of the education system that will be discussed are student
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At the same time, in America on a cold winter morning, almost of children live at home because they have assignments or part-time job like delivering newspapers, while Chinese students just focus on their homework. (The English Graduation Thesis Website, “Two Different Kinds of Ways of Family Education Between America and China”).

The other section is about differences and similarities of examination between China and America. In China, the full name of the standardized national exam is National Higher Education Entrance Examination or Gao Kao (Wikipedia Website, “National Higher Education Entrance Examination”). But in America, the government never establishes a regular education exam; American usually accepts the SAT (Scholastic Assessment Test Website) for college admissions in the United States (Wikipedia Website, “Scholastic Assessment Test”). Undoubtedly, the Gao Kao has a long standing history; it was created in 1952 (Reader Website, “National Higher Education Entrance Examination”). The SAT was first introduced in 1926, and its name and scoring have changed several times (Scholastic Assessment Test Website). In China, the goal of exam is check academic abilities and potential abilities of students (101 Education Centre