Essay on The Compassion Showed by the Older Waiter

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Literature Response Sheet
Title: A Clean, Well-Lighted Place
Author: Ernest hemingway
Narrator: Nonparticipant
Proagonist: The older waiter because he puts out his feeling and thoughts.
Antagonist: The younger waiter opposes the older waiter
Characters: Old man, The older waiter, the younger waiter
Symbols: The café because of its peaceful enviroment
Polarities: Depressing
Plot: The old man asked for more drinks until the younger waiter enforced the closing time. The older waiter expressed his inner feelings about the old man and the reasons why he is lonely. The younger waiter was so impatient about closing and wanting to go home early to his wife.The old man left the Café and the shop closed down, then a few moments later the older waiter went home to go to sleep when it was bright day light.
Theme:The point of the is that the old man just seeked lonesome in a quiet pleasant clean enviroment that serves liqor and in the same time the story showed that the older waiter is in the same situation. So the point is when people feel depressed or sad they seek lonelynes.
Response: The old man did what any other person would do, when feeling sadness or depressed. Don’t matter young or old, when somebody loses somebody they loved by death or by any other reason, They tend to seek the samething the old man seeked. Most commonly the place where people go to when they experience that is at bars or Café’s. The older waiter showed passion and consideration for the old man. The older waiter was right for being patient for the old man, it was great that he give the old man that extra gap of time after closing hours so the old man can have his thoughts and to clear his mind if it that was possible. The younger showed some sort of rudeness through out the story and I think that is not right because an individual that seeks a quiet space might be respond in a awful manner to a person that is being rude to them. I have personaly seen situations when stressed people seek some alone time at a small quiet bar during the day and just completely threw the glass of liqor back to the rude waiter. If he