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parts ofthe LPI are hlce the resumo∶
1:目 t,11needto do we11in thern,or you rrlay have to retake the test,depending

mthe pohcies ofthe school,Nevertheless,u血 versities,co11eges,and pfessional assooatons ask for a certain Level,which o determined by
山 essay alone。 Leve10is the lowest n△ ark and Leve16the highest。 A Level
△-y is required to enter some cornlnun止 y co11eges;a Leve15essay is
0wed to enter some univers止 ies,The essay,then,is the lnost“ nportant

ofthe LPI by fa⒒

marks show the marlcers’ judgement ofevery aspect ofthe essay.

●Sentences_mustbe vvel⒈ structured and var始 d
. Ideas-must be high-qual止 y and vve11-developed

●Essay structure-rrlust be logical,easy to fo11ovf,and include a good conclusion。 sis not the thne to teaChyou ho、 vtol/wite an essay,YOu should have learning this throughyot】 r hgh schoolyears。 Ifyou do need help the basics,there ε re many books on essay structure and technique。 nd one ca11ed Πt tOPrint:Th纟 Cα 田
砑diα n5tL】 dcmt‘ Gujdc t° Essqy ii!li凹 I

byJoarlne Buckley,The following guidance“ on how to write an k essay α虹

the process ofteaching hovf to Ⅵ″ite an LPI essay,Ilrlay have to unsorrle ofthe rules for writing a high-school essay,In parucular,do worry about producing a certain nu血 beP ofparagraphsin the essay,do imroduce paragraphs withwords such as Πrst,s召 ∞md,and L“ t,and do write a∞ nclus0n that厶 merely a summary ofthe body paragraphs。 rules vvere useful stages in your essay讷riting,but not rules for an
Wr止 er:think oftherrl as trainingwheels,The LPIislooking for good
I mean good w″ 龆阝一and the training wheels do laot匣 ⒕ the r1ght


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Time Mana,gement
The LPIis a2%-hour exam,and the f△ st three parts talce no rrlore than an hot1r to complete。 That leaves a generous1%hours to create your essay,
YOu can work steadily and systematically诵 thout feeling rt】 shed or pankked。 No-one should faⅡ to complete the essay from lack oftime,
Because you are not rtlshed,you can be systematic。

Create the essay step

by step。

1. Choose the best topic。

2. Brainstormthenselectaninterestingwayofdiscussingthetopic。
3, MalKe an outhne。

4, Develop the paragraphs fromyour outhne。
5,Edit thorOL1ghˇ 允r coⅣ ectne$and style。

VVrite the good copy,


Practice will show you how muc
;:J虫 :苕 do not waste thne:Use aⅡ the thneyou can save elsewhere in the test to can。 pohsh the ess。 y in step5,

The content ofan essay rnust be logica1weⅡ -organized,and weⅡ expressed。 since a good outhne provides a bird’ s eye view ofthe rnain

points and their supporting pointsin the order that they wil1be pre∞ nted,it is the essentiε 11tool允 r preventing,ideⅢ
卸 ng,and solv1ng problems of∞ ntent,Ideal玩 each point h the outlhe should translate into a single sentence ofthe essay.The∫ oⅡ oⅥ汀 ng is a portion ofa reasOnably det缸 led outlhe on the su匀 ect ofstudymgyoga。

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outline is alsO agood toolto help the essay stay exactly on tho topic。 o extrerrlely impo⒒ ant because an off-topic essay,even a very good

,receives a mark ofzero。


hother method to keep the essay on-topic is to use the、 vords ofthe topic
△the touc sentence ofthe essay and,poss此