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In Naguib mahfouz’s subtly complex short story ‘ The Answer is No’, Mahfouz develops an emotionally isolated, anonymous both as a character and in love. “Without love or desire on her part” her fear of falling in love is leading to the loneliness in life. The author reveals, this through the shifts in tone, that by avoiding problems from past, by not getting married to anyone, by leaving the conflict unresolved, it leads the main character into a deleterious future, thereby compromising her happiness.
After being a young girl of nobility and who had lost her innocence in the age of 14. Getting overcome from the trap that man has put on her wasn't facilely for her because the outcome was she had simply said No to the future love.When she got raped,she didn't understand, what really happened ? however she was in shock and quivering.Mahfouz explained her situation, ‘Without love or desire on her part the thing had happened.The word ‘No’ grew up with in her from her childhood after she got raped.she has developed a lot of hatred for him,”she had found that she had no love or respect for him and that was as far as he could be from her dreams”, also it meant little to her to sacrifice marriage. This determines, not only she had said no to him and “she had welcomed being on her own,for solitude accompanied by self respect was not loneliness” also she had said no to anyone for the marriage. she was very attained of not getting married to the headmaster after he has asked her for