Essay about The Concept of Survival of the Fittest in London's How to Build a Fire

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Jessica Unke

Part 1: 1. Survival of the fittest means the strongest come out on top and survive, whoever can provide and fight off predators survives the longest. This comes from Herbert Spencer, who relates is to Charles Darwin’s Natural Selection. 2. Socialism means public ownership. London was fascinated by this because he had grown up poor and wanted a way of total power without having to have that much money; it was his way of fitting in. 3. People believed that this meant people, society, and organism develop and change overtime. This comes from Herbert Spencer and his survival of the fittest also borrowing ideas from Charles Darwin’s evolution theory. London showed this by writing novels and showing that one race or human is superior to another.

Part 2: 1. The setting is in very freezing weather, in the Klondike. 2. He is freezing, and very and stubborn. He isn’t listening to any advice he was given like wearing wet socks only 20 degrees below zero when it was already 60. His fire went out and he couldn’t keep warm. 3. He was burning his hands and couldn’t feel anything because they were so frozen all he could so was smell his skin burning. His feet were frozen to the point where he could barely walk, but that went away in a couple months. His scars on his hands were never going to go away. He learned he should never travel alone in extreme weather conditions.
Part 3: 1. At the end of the second version he ends up freezing to death. 2. I think the second story relates more to naturalism because he is more likely to die when he’s alone and never taking anyone’s advice. In the first story he gets some minor wounds and lives through the experience. In the first one He was determined that he could live through it and he did. Most likely this is not possible with the extreme conditions and the poor decisions he made.

In “How to Build a Fire” by Jack London uses a lot of Naturalism. He sets his setting to be very dangerous and below freezing temperatures. He introduces his character Tom Vincent who decides to travel in the freezing cold ignoring all warnings from others not to go alone. He gets in serious trouble when he’s forced to face extreme weather. A normal human being put up against an almost impossible task. He seems and acts like he has total control over the situation; which changes when he’s facing the freezing cold…