The Conflict City Pd Character Analysis

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"We need to get this man to the O.R now!" "But doctor-" "There's no time for buts. Do it now!!" Clair voyant, wife of police Chief Sam Voyant, decided to join the police force because she didn’t want anyone else's husband to face what Sam had. She knew that she could have been of great use to the Conflict City P.D because she possessed a special gift. Although even with her gift, she could not amount to her sister, Brisk Tenacious, who was the town super hero. Ever since they were little girls Brisk and Clair would fight and argue over who was superior, but Brisk's super speed and strength always won. Brisk knew all about her sister's power and limitations, and she knew that she couldn’t think of her own weakness or else Clair would figure it out. The one thing that kept Clair fighting her much stronger sister was the fact that she knew one day she would outsmart her and Brisk will reveal her weakness. The fights continued all throughout their teenage years up until they both left their parents home and went their separate ways. There was only one real advantage to Clair's small, feminine stature compared to her sister's burly one though; she got all the guys because they were all afraid of Brisk. However, this didn’t bother Brisk , she didn’t want any men because she just wanted to get stronger and faster so she can save the world and she thought that maybe one day she would settle down and catch a guy with her soft green eyes and fiery red hair, but only after her deed was done. She thought this was a good plan but when she heard about her sister marrying the chief of police, she was pissed. Not only because her younger sister was getting married before her but more because she liked Sam and was wanted to be with him. Brisk used this as a motivator to be the greatest power in the world and she would stop crime where ever it happened.
Clair was very content with her new husband and life. She liked the fact that Brisk was going to be away from the city to help others and Clair would be able to start a family without the thought of fighting with her sister. Sam was trying to get Clair to explain to him why Brisk and she