The Conflict In Israel

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The recent affair in Israel seems to be escalating everyday as the Israelis and Palestinians are clashing over the costs of past events and the conflict has been one of the most unstable and constant wars in modern world history. The Israeli military have continued to occupy Palestinian Territories and on a daily basis, inhabitants of those lands have been killed, injured or kidnapped. Despite recent major Israeli violence, Palestinians have created pacific marches and demonstrations in the West Bank and Gaza, to retaliate. There have been attempts by other nations such as neighbouring Arab nations, the USA, Britain and USSR, to solve the crisis, although, their intervention have seemed to make the situation even worse. According to Theodore Herzl, an Austrian Jew living in Paris in 1896, he feels that the Jewish should have a homeland. This source is useful because historically, the Jews do have a rightful claim to Israel; however, it is biased because he is a Jew, after all. The Jewish (Israelis) claim Israel due to Israel, itself, becoming a nation two thousand years before the rise of Islam. The Jews of modern day Israel share the same tongue and traditions of ancient Israel, formed by the Jewish custom and religion, descended from the founding father, Abraham. They believe that Israel is their “Promised Land” as it is stated in the Bible, in the Book of Deuteronomy 1:8, from Moses that the Israelites should, “Go in and take possession of the land the Lord swore he would give to you fathers- to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and to their descendant after them”, thereby they believe they deserve Israel as a homeland. The Bible is a book written by different Israelite people of the ancient times who found inspiration from God, however, it could be questioned as to whether or not this is true because it wasn’t written by God, himself. Although, it is useful because the Bible is a religious book, thereby, the present Jews aren’t just fighting today because of Arab attempt to eradicate Israel, but also for a religious cause. The Jews had dominated Israel for one thousand years, until the Romans conquered the holy city, Jerusalem, and expelled the Jews which created a Jewish Diaspora across most of Europe and neighbouring countries of Israel. Since then, the Jews have experienced discrimination and violent elimination. Although, the Palestinians (Arabs) deem Palestine is their homeland because they have been inhabitants for many centuries and they created the predominant population of Palestine before the State of Israel was created. According to, the population of Palestine consisted of approximately 70% of the Palestinian Arab people and approximately 30% of the Jewish people, in 1941, seven years before the creation of the State of Israel. This source is reliable because it educates people without being bias and it is useful because it is a website created by researchers exploring controversial issues across the world. Also, the Arabs have a religious belief that Ismail was a Palestinian, the founder of Islam and the ancestor of the Arabs. Moreover, the Arabs battled for Palestine against the Ottoman Empire which ruled Palestine from 1517 to 1917. Ultimately, the Palestinians feel it is their duty to eradicate the Israelis from their land. These pre-historic events were the bases of the situation today between the Israelis and Palestinians; they contributed to the establishment of the State of Israel, the Palestinian expulsion, the Munich Massacre and the Hamas which all added to the current uproar in the Middle East, which are some the reasons for the situation today.
The establishment of the State of Israel is a crucial aspect of the situation today because a day after the declaration of the state on the 14th of May 1948, Arab troops from neighbouring countries invaded the nation to “liberate Palestine”, until the first cease-fire which was used by the Zionists in order to organise and train their newly established