The Consequences Of Grieving For The Loss Of Decisions In Basketball Life

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The greatest misery is brought among ourselves. Our mixed emotions tend to overpower our decisions as a person leaving us in a depressed state of mind or choosing the wrong instead of the right thing. Grieving for the loss of a family member can also be addition to bad decisions. Typically vulnerability to sadness and seeking attention for sympathy and insecurity goes spiral not to mention the pressure inside from people can be a made factor. Our view on which is the worst sorrow can be determined by many ways such as experiences, current events or even observations.
Magic Johnson was a NBA star is basketball history. He was titled with many awards including MVP most valuable player award. In the year of 2000 Magic Johnson made announcement that confirmed that he was HIV positive. The sudden news from Johnson took people by a shock and players discriminated. The burden news brought many tears to the wife and also broken trust issues. As for the kids it brought embarrassment. The decision to have an affair with several women caused him great sorrow. This decision didn’t just have an impact on himself but to his family members as well. Two summers ago I actually dealt with my own woeful experience. The fact I had company over that was not permitted without adult supervision led my mother with trust issues between us. The consequences for my actions gave me unhappiness for the rest of the summer. I was restricted for my phone for quite a while. I wasn’t allowed to stay