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“The Constitution”
The constitution is a very important document to the American people because it is what founded and formed the United States government. The Constitution of the United States sets forth the nation's fundamental laws; it establishes the form of the national government and defines the rights and liberties of the American people. As Mr. David Yalof said, even with it being an important document the constitution does have a few flaws. I would have to agree. There are many problems with the government today, the constitution may not be responsible for all of these problems, but it does not provide a solution for them. If anything it makes it harder on the politicians to fix and too get rid some of these problems. With the constitution being the way it is now we are pitting a few things at risk such as the postal service.
The free exchange of ideas is critical to representative government and was one of the reasons why the US Postal Service was created. The US postal service is a very important agency to both the Government and American people. Every day the postal service is losing about 25 millions of dollars. They have expressed how they want to change and update the way they deliver their mail but congressional laws will not allow it. They are restricted by congress and because of the constitution being the way it is now they can’t really do much about it. We are at risk of losing this important agency of the government and a necessity to the American people.
Another problem that Mr. Yalof talked about in his presentation, that comes from the construction being the way it is now, is what he called “The do nothing political system”. He stated how politicians see the problems