The Contradiction Of Chinese Characters From Movies After 1980s

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The Contradiction of Chinese Characters from Movies after 1980s As is well known, China was really traditional and conventional world before the great reform and opening that began in 1979. After that time, China had opened their harbors and markets to trade with the Western countries. Due to that time, the economy of China had a huge increasing. The education for Chinese had been put on the most important position. When people realized the importance of foreigner cultures and technologies, a lot of Chinese people found the opportunities to do the business with foreigners. Some people did that under the law of country; but some people broke the law in order to get more money. After 1980s, no matter where you were live and no matter the districts were rich or poor, these phenomena had happened frequently. In the movie Kekexili which was also a very poor area, there were several people who sacrificed themselves to prevent people from broking the law to make profit and protect the nature and the profit of country. The most impressive figure in that movie was Ri Tai who was a leader of the team of protecting the Tibetan antelope. Although he was a leader even a hero, he also had his own contradiction. Compared to the modern and rich area of China, the weakness of human nature was more prominent in terms of the development of technology of China. One of the most famous technology goods was cell-phone. Cell phone was a really a modern products in this society. Because of the cell-phone, people could connect with each other conveniently; and they also could text the message to each other. People made conversation no longer need face-to-face anymore. The cell phone was full of privacy. However, some people took advantage of these benefits to satisfy themselves selfish desire. It leaded to some serious consequences. In the movie Cell Phone, there was a character that named Yan Shouyi made use of cell-phone have and conceal affair under his contradiction mind. Overall, I would like to analyze the contradiction of Ri Tai from Kekexili and Yan Shouyi from Cell Phone. Ri Tai was a leader of Kekexili Patrol. This was a team that protects the Tibetan antelope and environment. First of all, in the movie Kekexili, the problems Ri Tai faced were that arrested poachers without enough team members and weapons, he and his members suffered poor live condition. His contradiction was between sold furs to make a living and handed in furs that captured from poacher to government. For Ri Tai, these problems were important and serious for him. They gave him too many pressures to solve these troubles. He could not relief himself to get rid of these things until he has coped with these situations. The first responsibility for him was to protect Tibetan antelope and arrested poachers. He and his team members did these things without enough human resources and weapon resources. The most important thing was they did these things that based on sacrificing their lives. However, the biggest problem for him was his contradiction about selling and handing furs of antelopes. Because of their poor conditions, they had to do that though they knew that was wrong. Ri Tai as a leader, he should not only set a good example to lead his members to protect the Tibetan antelope, but also need to ensure his members live conditions and their lives. So these all kinds of problems became his painful. In the end of movie, he died. His death for him was a kind of success for his career. His sacrifice helped him solve his problems indirectly. For example, his death through the report drew more government attention on Kekexili. The government established the police station in Kekexili to protect the Tibetan antelope. In addition, the director Lu Chuan was a very distinctive person in the Chinese movie industry. He was to combine the commercial and art style together to express figures characteristics. For example, in Kekexili, he used kind of documentary style to tell the