The Controversy Over Banning Social Media

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Spending time on social networking has its dangers, but the benefits far outweigh the potential for risk. The social aspects of this new online networking has initiated the process of cultural expansion through online ties, and has figuratively torn down the barriers of communications worldwide. Social networking has given us immediate access to knowledge, culture, art, relationships, global events and yes even entertainment without having to leave our homes. The dangers presented by those wishing to ban social media are argued as having negative emotional effects on adolescents, and our society; however, in the controversy over banning social media one must evaluate whether there is an infringement on a citizen’s First Amendment rights as well as exactly how much regulation can be put on such sites and to what avail.
As quoted in The First Amendment and Cyberspace the Supreme Court has stated that “speech… cannot be suppressed solely to protect the
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Social networking, just like every other new app or invention available to minors, has its risks and benefits. Everyone wants to make the world the safest it can possibly be, but to what extent is overboard in the removing of every hazard from peoples’ lives. Though we can regulate and help lower risks of hazard, that’s all we can legally do without diminishing all the personal rights and benefits of social networking, such as cultural growth, relationships and information on global events. Socially and emotionally, social networks benefit people by helping them to stay in touch with family, friends, and express themselves in a creative and unique way personalized only to them specifically. Social networking should not be banned because it can be effectively regulated and has benefited many people since its