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Between 1933 and 1937, about 129,000 Jews fled Germany and Nazi-controlled Austria.
Nazis Adopt the “Final Solution”
Nazis Build Concentration Camps
In 1933, the year he became chancellor, Hitler opened the first Nazi concentration camps.
The Allies and the Holocaust
Early Response Was Weak
Before the war, the United States could have done more if it had relaxed its immigration policy.
American Government Takes Action
Once the war started, news of the mass killings had filtered to the West.
Allied Soldiers Liberate the Camps
For most Americans, the enormity of the Nazi crime became real only when soldiers began to liberate the concentration camps that dotted the map of Germany.

Summary: From the time he came to power, Adolf Hitler had targeted Jews for prosecution. By the end of the war, the Nazis had murdered 6 million Jews and 5 million other people they considered inferior. Overlord involved landing 21 American divisions and 26 British, Canadian, and Polish divisions on a 50-mile stretch of beaches in Normandy. Today, we continue to remember this tragedy and seek ways to prevent anything like it from eve4ry happening again.

Chapter 20; Section 5
Allies Set Postwar Goals
Truman Faces Stalin at Potsdam
A dramatically altered Big Three met in July 1945 in the Berlin suburb of Potsdam.
A New World Takes Shape
The World Map Changes
World War 2 altered the political realities of the world.
The Balance of Power Shifts
Into the power vacuum stepped the United States and the Soviet Union.
International Cooperation
A New World Economy Takes Shape
The United States took on major responsibilities in shaping the postwar world economy.
The United Nations Is Formed
Even more importantly, the United States led the charge for establishment of the United Nations.
War Criminals Go on Trial
In the effort to create a better world, the Allies did not forget to punish the people who had caused so much destruction and