Analysis: The Corporation

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Krish Shah
Professor Dugan
November 4, 2014
Business Ethics
The Corporation
The Corporation, a documentary about how people view businesses as punitive corporations performing injustice actions towards society, holds a valid fact about our fluctuating business society. A corporation is defined, in the movie, as “a group of individuals who work together to serve a variety of objectives; the principal one of which is earning large, growing, sustained, and legal returns for who owns the business.” This definition clearly explains how a corporation should be like but according to the community; a corporation is a group of people whose main goal is not to serve the people but solely to earn money.
As this documentary starts by explaining about how much authority a corporation has started to have after World War II, I figured that The Corporation was not only about the effects of a corporations in our society but also about the how evil a corporation can be towards the community. The issue of a corporation is that it only shows one side of itself. If you think about this, which company would show all sides of its subject? It is impossible for a corporation to have beneficial impacts towards the society if the society always looks at the bad side of any corporation. A corporation is not only the foundation of a society but it the foundation of the coming generations. People must start looking at corporations in positive terms and people of a corporation must do their part in being honest and serving customers in an appropriate way. The decline that society could be facing because of corporations today, may affect future generations. The reduction of every available source of necessity will harm coming generations, as they may have to face a shortage of resources along with a lack of human effort and input.
Corporations do try and sell out their best product for our community but it is impossible to satisfy all human desires. Some corporations are not even trying to satisfy the needs of a human and only