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The Corporation Film Analysis

The Corporation was based on a book written by Joel Bakan. It is a documentary film that looks at the history of corporation and follows them up until present day to illustrate their dominance in society. I found this film very interesting with me once being part of the corporate world and finding my way onto another career path for many of the reasons illustrated in this film. This film had an underlying statement of corporations’ number one concern was profit and the producing more and more per every man hour. It started off in history stating that business was once strictly regulated. Corporations were chartered for specific jobs. These contracts would list the people that were going to do the work,
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I referred to the situation earlier how when they are no longer desperate and feel that need to be paid more these large corporations just move the location of the factories to an area where the people are desperate enough to work for those low wages. This awareness of realizing that the owners are unfairly extracting surplus value from them is called class consciousness. Emily Durkeim broke solidarity into mechanical solidarity and organic solidarity. He stated that both are necessary for social order. Mechanical solidarity is where workers perform similar tasks towards the same goals. Organic solidarity is a more complex society where they worker are differentiated by specialty but have the same goals. So in a factory that makes t-shirts it would be mechanical. In a factory that makes pinball machines it would be organic for different departments would make different parts to come together as one finished product. In the 1940 synthetic chemicals were created and gave the capability to make many synthesized products emerged. They could make anything from tires to toothbrushes, but there were harmful effects of these synthesized chemicals used. They produced cancer and birth defects. One child was born without eyes. The industries were aware of these serious dangers and tried to downplay the risks and damages caused. The movie made an example by stating if you shoot someone you go to prison, but we can cause babies to be born without eyes and receive no