The Cost of Consumerism Essay

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15 MAR 13 Marketing or Parents According to increasing figures have recently expressed a rising concern in our modern day world that generally children are at greater risk of imitating the violence shown on the small screen, becoming obese, due to the charming, pleasant children’s characters chosen for the display of products, such as boxed cereals. Claiming it is the result of media influence by professional marketers and the cause of the majority of our modern day woes. But I will prove that the “branding” of characters, linked to children’s toys, has no effect on the amount of food consumed or on psychological impact so there is no reason for concern. Is turning on the television the only way to grab a child’s attention? The responsibility to regulate the viewing of these inappropriate images or junk food from children in their formative years is better in the hands of nurturing parents, that than in the society, supposedly so concerned for the wellbeing of our young ones. One implication is of the tactics used in television commercials has evolved to such harmful, devastating heights, more visually enhanced graphic violent images, flashing before our eyes causing young children to either become depressed or reenact the violence by the images portrayed in the movies or video games. States; Anna Davis a writer for the London evening standard.

At the impressionable age of ten my cousin was regularly exposed to the World wrestling federation, which has now been renamed to WWE standing for world wrestling entertainment. An entertainment based organization. He was aware of the unrealistic nature of this show. My cousin owned replica Championship belts based off the original gold and gemstone belts acquired when a staged wrestling match is won, action figures, and a life size wrestling ring. opposing this practice labeling it “targeting” or being Deceptive, impressionable on undeveloped minds of children. He reenacted a wrestling match with another cousin under the supervision of parents. Metal chairs, acrobatics were used. My cousin became a cop and homeowner before thirty. Gayatri Pande, a psychological counselor states that “if a child in his early years, has received positive strokes and has developed a good value system, it becomes easier for him, her to differentiate between good and bad. But if a child who is surrounded by critical parents or extremely strict teachers , watches serials and movies that glorify violence and make it look heroic; it can influence them negatively. The solution to this problem is to influence children in a positive way. With grounded family support entertainment of Hollywood can be enjoyed. Let’s take Kellogg’s brand cereal frosted flakes, corn flakes with the recent heated debate over the professional Olympic winner, swimmer Michael Phelps. He endorsed the product allowing his face, appearing on the box of sugary cereal has experts such as Douglas Castle, senior advisor to the children’s international obesity foundation saying celebrities “should think twice before choosing to endorse or encourage the consumption of any product which is inherently unhealthful to children”. Where this argument rang hollow, is that no one is taking their hands forcing them to purchase this product. Therefore to request all of