The Cost Of Ww1

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The Costs of WWII

WWII went down as the deadliest war in history. Historians estimate that between thirty and sixty million soldiers lost their lives. Six million of those lives weren’t even fighting in the War. Throw in death camps because of what they believed in. Three hundred thousand Japanese were gone in a matter of seconds due to the destructive ability of the atomic bomb. In the Battle of Stalingrad alone, there were one million Soviet deaths. This war was more deadlier than WWI because of the advances in technology. War was no longer fought in trenches, but by air, and at sea, as well as on foot. Soliders fought from the harsh winter cold in the Soviet Union to the deserts in Tusnia. During the Battle of Stalingrad the German forces couldn’t advance because of the cold climate. At Normandy, the Allied soldiers had to wade through water before they reached land, while the Germans were already dug into the hill side in well protected “crows nests.” The German soldiers mowed down thousands of soldiers by doing this alone. Another cost of War was the destruction of cities. During the bombardment of Britain, Germany didn’t set a single foot on British soil, all of they did was hammer the city with bombs. By doing this, the bombs would make fires, and the fires would spread to other buildings. The domino affect casuse the city to be its own enemy. The fires would burn for days, and night after night Germany, would drop thousands of bombs on Britain. The situation in