The Country Of Morocco Essay

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The country of Morocco
The capital of Morocco is Rabat and its major cities are Casablanca, Fes, and sale. The population of Morocco is roughly 32.52 million people. The dominate ethnicity of Morocco is Arabs and Berbers, Arabs make up 66% of the population and Berbers make up 33%. The dominant language is Morocco is Arabic, but there is French influence. The dominate religion is Islam. The currency in morocco is dirham, on dirham is worth $0.27 in U.S. dollars. The Moroccan people celebrate their independence from France and Spain. Morocco’s prime minister is Adbelilah Benkirane and its king is Mohammad VI of Morocco. There government is a constitutional monarchy which is a form of democratic government in which a nonpolitical monarch acts as head of state within the boundaries of a constitution, whether written or unwritten. Morocco’s geographic features vary depending on where you are in morocco, whether it be the north on the coast line of the Mediterranean or the west on the coast line of the Atlantic or even the east/southeast which makes up part of the Sahara desert. Therefore the climate can be either warm or cool depending if you are near the coast line or on a mountain or in the desert. A couple of interesting facts are, 1) Kisses on the cheek are exchanged as a form of greeting. If you know the person you meet a little better, more kisses are exchanged. 2) In Moroccan culture, traditionally the liver and not the heart, is considered to be the symbol of love. 3)