The Cradle Essay

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The Cradle At the year 1889,just a few months after Vincent van Gogh cut his ear, many things happened .In this year, his brother was engaged. Gauguin left him and his friend Yusuf Roulin was moving to other place. Vincent felt abandoned and was overwhelmed with loneliness .he painted the portray of his dearest friend’s family and his wife in particular, name it as Madame Roulin Rocking the cradle, in order to picture a kind of normal family life he would never have chance to have Madame Roulin in his painting is wearing her golden ring ,sitting in a cradle and holding the rope of the cradle with close space composition,she is looking down in a way seems to contemplating, her green eyes full of care. The cradle and the body shape are drawn with clear deep blue outlines .The image is very vivid that the viewer can easily imagine the movement of the cradle, and for the keyword here, is the motion The lady’s head is in a warm tone whereas in her hands the color is lighter .Van Gogh also used different ways to convey texture of the head and hands. Short brushstrokes had been vertically arranged to created rough, massive texture, perfectly molding the head in a 3-dimensional form, the texture of the head creates intense visual contrast with flattened garment where only a few long strokes were using to imply texture, van Gogh was being influenced by the Japanese painting after he moved to Paris in which way remarkably changed his personal style The most amazing and impressive part of this painting is the vibrant color he used, the bold brushwork and large area of hues, with strong intensity and composition, Van Gogh used brilliant colors to grabs the sight of audience, let them focus on the middle of the canvas, Directs the view from the figure’s head to her hands. In the background the lushly…