The Creoles: A Short Story

Words: 1898
Pages: 8

Once they had reached the Garden District and parked, Casey asked, “Ray, let’s not do another tour. We can get a map and walk around on our own. That way we can take our time and enjoy the scenery.”
“If that’s what you want to do. I’m game.”
Sauntering down the oak-shaded streets, they marveled at the distinct architectural styles that included Greek Revival, Italianate, and Queen Anne Victorians. The gardens that surrounded the homes were spectacular. Ray and Casey walked hand in hand savoring the sights and relishing each other’s company. Their relationship was growing stronger every day. She couldn’t be happier, and Ray appeared happy as well.
They wandered down one street, another, and another stopping occasionally to admire a beautiful
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They had lived in the quarter for a long time and were angry about being told how to build their homes and businesses. They did take their designs from the Spanish standards but as a show of defiance used French and Caribbean elements for added interest. This combination created the Creole style.” Dani pointed to the building directly in front of the group. This home is an example of the Creole style. These rebuilt townhouses sit closer to the street than the previous ones.”
Casey looked through the arched open and was rewarded with a fleeting glimpse of the enchanted garden planted around a quaint brick courtyard.
Dani motioned for the tour group to continue on down the street.
Casey admired the historic buildings enthralled as they walked the same streets and by the same homes that Lacey would have during her time in the city.
The tour continued down the narrow streets as Ray and Casey followed in the rear. The group walked past another townhouse. Curious, Casey stopped to peek through the iron bars of the entrance. The house was more open to the street with an intricate wrought-iron gate that opened into a beautiful courtyard. Excited, she turned to Ray, “This is the house where Lacey grew up.”
“How do you know
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The minute they walked through the front door, Casey knew this was how the home would have looked during Lacey’s time. To make certain, she asked Violet. “Have there been many renovations done to the home?”
“Not that I know of. I’ve done minor repairs over the last three years. I’ve wanted to keep the style similar to time that Jacques Devereux lived here. I found several pieces of furniture in the attic. I had settee and chairs reupholstered as close to the original as possible. I matched the wall color to the fabric.”
Violet proceeded to escort them throughout the home showing off her collection of treasures on display. On the second floor, Violet pointed to a bedroom on the left. “This was the nursery when Larissa Devereux was a baby. I found toys and items in the attic that I suspected belonged to her. I put them back in the room.”
Casey knew this was true from the instant she stepped through the doorway. In the middle of the room, she could visualize the spectral image of a young child, with dark-brown hair and green eyes, playing on the floor with her dolls. She turned to where Violet and Ray stood to see if they had the same vision. They were conversing unperturbed by any such images. Once again, her delusion