Essay about The crucial bridge between the enviromental organizaitons and public

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The crucial bridge between the environmental organizations and public
Every single person should take care of the environment; moreover we have to bring up our children to be conscious citizens of a clean and preserved planet. Yet, I think that, the most important task of environmental organizations like EWA, is to contribute to increasing the sensibilities of vast public about environment protection.
Our earth is four and half billion years old. These plants, several hundred million years old and we human have been walking upright for only 200 thousand years. We’ve managed to adapt and have conquered the whole planet. For generations, we’ve been raising our children. However, we have come so far that we are stepping very closely to the edge of rather than damaging it, I would more like to say, hollowing it. In less than 50 years, we’ve altered it more thoroughly than the entire history of mankind. Half of the world’s forests have varnished. Water resources are running low. Incentive farming is deleting soils. Our energy sources are not sustainable. The climate is changing. We are endangering ourselves.
In recent decades, certain percentages of people have realized the importance of protecting the environment. They pioneered to establish many organizations dedicated to prevent the worst from happening. But environmental protection by only a small portion of people is not a realistic plan, because this is a worldwide problem, much more severe than any of us can imagine.
However if they can concentrate their energy on mainly making more people aware the importance and actually take action in this battle against environment pollution and resource over-exploitation, the role they play will be a catalyst which can amplify the whole positive effect and more importantly, the bridge reaching to a bright…