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The Crucible:

Act one: girls being girls- trying out witchcraft and performed it in the forest.(when girls get together as a group they all get excited out ideas that are given by one of the ideas, we scream and jump about, for example in the street when we saw each other). One person instigated it, they all got excited and started dancing and screaming and it just got worse and worse
Paris Finds them- the girls are in trouble as they have snuck out of their homes in the middle of the night, they were outside the legal city limits, and then performed whichcraft. The story is made up (?) about the devil
We find out about Procter and Abigail and that they have had an affair in the past
Girls start accusing, outsiders come to judge

Act Two: we see the issues and mistrust between the people, especially between Procter and elizabeth
Hales visits, he is a higher classed reverend from another town
Mary Warren gives poppet to Elizabeth which i like a vodoo doll that had a needle in it which brings up the idea of whichcraft again
Elizabeth gets accused

Act Three: court case, people hanging- they work out that being pregnant saves you
Hales starts to realize the flaws he questions the system with when does this stop? it gets tot he stage where they don't know how to stop as they had already killed12 others, so they just had to keep going and doubting themselves but cannot stop as they are already to deep into it and its too late

Act Four: Procter dies and elizabeth lives, Abigail disappears as she has only escaped being hung by the thin of the hair and has lost all her friends

The Crucible sits in two theatre forms: American realism and Political Theatre

The aim of political theater is to bring about change and hold a mirror to society. they aim to make the audience think rather than feel, they critise alienate, accuse and condemn. salem witch trials(1692)
McCarthy (1953)
Arthur Miller (1953) use of symbolism- poppet symbol of witchcraft, chicken