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Oscar Gomez
English 11
22 October 2014
No One Can Change The Truth In the play The Crucible written by Aurther Miller, many of the characters face challenges and struggles that change them through out the play. Many of the main characters such as John and Elizabeth Proctor both play major rules and change drastically through the play and have a great impact on the town of Salem. Through it all they face challenges that make them evolve into better people in the “witchcraft” infested town. These challenges allow them to realize insights about themselves. In the beginning John Proctor is a well known man who not only separates himself from the witchcraft trails that run Salem but also his wife Elizabeth. Their relationships plays a major role in the play despite their troubles with johns sinful act of adultery with the mastermind behind the accusations of Salem being infested with witches, Abigail Williams. It is quite clear that Abigail wants john to her self but John wants nothing to do with her. He makes it very clear that he no longer wants anything to do with Abigail Williams “ I will cut off my hand before ill ever reach for you again” (839). Abigail knows that the only way to be with John is to get ride of Elizabeth and with her power it is simple to do that by accusing Elizabeth of being a witch. Abigail’s lies draw John more and more involved with these trails by trying to prove that his wife and all the other accused people are innocent and not witches. John knows that the only way to stop Abigail and the girls from their lies is to confess his adultery.
Althrough, He refrains for a long time from confessing his sin, however, for the sake of his own good name and his wife’s honor. Eventually, though, Proctor’s attempts to reveal Abigail as a fraud without saying that he knew her fails, and he makes a public confession of his sin. But by the time he comes clean, it is too late to stop the craze from running its course, and Proctor himself is arrested and accused of being a witch. Prcotor becomes fully involved with these trails because it is the last thing he can do in order to save his wife and the others. Even though Proctor faces dilemmas with his conscience over whether to save himself from hanging with a confession to a sin that he did not commit. John cannot bring himself to sign his confession. He knew his friends would dishonor him and his children would aswell would aswell john realizes that his name, his honor, and his honesty are worth more than a cowardly way to escape from death.
Even though Elizathbeth has always judge Johns actions and behaviors in the play she always had a say and made John feel like a bad man. Elizabeth was faced with chanllenges and heartbreak she always suopprted Johns dessicons