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The Crucible Character Analysis

John Proctor is, in the beginning of the play, a guilty man in hiding, by the end of the play he has obtained a freedom that comes with his confession, and by this he hopes to disrupt Abigail Williams, and her vengeance driven schemes. From John’s first appearance in the play he is put on a respective pedestal, and he is put there because of his logical, not necessarily educated, intelligence. The author undoubtedly puts John Procter in the play with a newer age level of logic behind his lines. This can be proven because the play was inspired by the Salem witch trials and written by a man accused of communism in the late 1940s. The play exists to teach people to be more legitimate with their claims, and help to show people’s innocents until they are proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. If John Procter was an inexistent character in this play a lot of the absurdity would be unchallenged and unnoted. In a lot of ways the theme of the play was truly delivered through John Procter. He is the protagonist and voice of logic in The Crucible and in Salem John turns this story into the witty and introspective play that it is. John throughout scene one and at least half of scene two is a defeated man helpless to gain a sense of forgiveness for his conscience. Though within Salem he is a respected man, recognized as an intelligent thinker hard worker and sinless believer; John couldn’t disagree more. John has committed adultery implied early and revealed later in The Crucible. The woman he has known; Abigail Williams the legitimately evil villain of the play. At one point John sums up the reality of his current unfavorable situations to be an effect of his adultery. John meets with Abigail to ask what is a muck about all of these claims of witchcraft and the audience is given an illustration of Abigail’s delusions and affections for John. The danger is brought up when Abigail decides not to give up or let John go. Had John Procter not been introduced as a character in The Crucible not only would this play suck, but it wouldn’t have anything exciting in it, because with the absence of John comes the absence of Abigail. John’s input moves this storyline in a direction where common human understanding of emotional input in necessary in order for comprehension to commence. And in time, John's life