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“JROTC builds character and leadership”

To begin, the JROTC helps build character by having you take part in the program. JROTC shows you how to be a good leader, and if you become a good leader you can go far. It also helps you find yourself and what kind of a person you become. We do all kinds of activities where it has you take control of your class. I know that it has helped me become a better leader and a better person. Just from being in the program for three years JROTC has showed me a lot. It has gave and showed me options I didn’t know I had. The instructors also helped me believe that I can do anything as long as I’m a good leader. The more involved I get in this program the more I learn more about what I want in life. I am growing everyday by being enrolled in the program and I’m learning how to be a great leader. Right now my class has to take control and plan our military ball. It is nice to be in control of an activity that I participate in. The JROTC helps me with life decisions the people are always there for you. The older ones are there to talk and that takes leadership and the right personality to know what to say. I chose to be in the program to help become a better person and become a great leader. It also helps other students and showing them how to work well together, because in order to be a good leader you have to listen to others. To help lead them in the right direction so they don’t go down the wrong path. The JROTC helps build character and