The Crucible Abigail Williams Character Analysis Essay

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We never really understand how much other people influence us in different ways. The Crucible by Arthur Miller show us exactly that with his character Abigail Williams. The play takes place during the Salem witch trials where Abigail and other girls are claiming that they have been possessed by the Devil and start naming others who they saw affiliated with him and who dabbled in the arts of witchcraft. They accused women of witchcraft but only those who they have a grudge upon. An example of this is when Abigail acused Elizabeth Proctor. Abigail also is to blame for majority of the events in Salem during the trials. She manipulates others to turn blame from her and get others to do what she wants them to do. Never the less, Abigail is not to take all the blame for the events that lead to the Salem witch trials. Before the trials Abigail worked for the proctors and one day John Proctor pursued her leading to a night where Proctor “put knowledge” in Abigail's heart. (Miller 150) Elizabeth got …show more content…
She is a manipulative girl with psychological problems from everything that has happened. Her parents died leaving her to live with her uncle Parris who didn't really pay attention to her only his reputation and his own daughter. Then when proctor basically used her then told her to never speak to him again about what happened, that puts a lot of strain on a girl. Also having the girls sick with what was going around it didn’t help. Abigail threatens the girls into going along with her plan and even threatens officials if they don’t side with her. In the final analysis, Abigail is 99% responsible for the Events that took place in Salem. Everything probably would have been different if she never acted on her feeling for proctor but she only wanted attention. In conclusion, The Crucible shows us exactly how others influence us in ways we may not understand. Through love, death and