The Crucible Abigail Williams

Words: 353
Pages: 2

One character in the crucible who is in opposition to her society, would be Abigail Williams. The major conflict revolves around the main protagonist who makes absurd lies that trailed many to believe they were true. I will analyze the conflict and the discuss the moral and ethical implications for both the individual and the society.
In the play “The Crucible” the main protagonist Abigail Williams make absurd lies to create a conflict that changes the lives of Mr. and Mrs.proctor forever.
Abigail: “she made me do it! She made betty do it!
Tituba: “Abby!”
Abigail: “She makes me drink blood!”
Parris: “Blood!!”
Mrs.Putman: “My baby's blood?”
Tituba: “No, no, chicken blood. I give she chicken blood!” (act one, page 827) In these parts from the