The Crucible Comparison Essay

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The Crucible is the informative reproduction of the Massachusetts dark history: the Salem Witch Trials. These (both the movie and book) representations of the Salem Witch trials shows a window into the dark past. Both the play and the movie follow the same narrative, a teenage girl named Abigail Williams has a spell put upon her one of lust and desire towards an already married man. The Married man in question is the one and only John Procter.
Mister Proctor was going about his life happy with his wife Elizabeth Proctor when all of a sudden someone called witch! The witch caller was none other than Abigail Williams john's not so secret admirer. The young innocent girl was driven to extremes because of her lust The extreme
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When did you compact with the Devil?
TITUBA: I don't compact with no Devil!
PARRIS: You will confess yourself or I will take you out and whip you to your death, Tituba!(Miller 41-42)". While in the movie Hale whips Tituba until she confesses that she had a part in summoning the devil. Witch if you're not a crazy religious zealot you can plainly see that anyone will confess to anything if enough pain is inflicted.
In the book once the witch accusations start flying Abigail's need for John Proctor doesn't kick in as much as it does in the book.In the movie(Cheak this) Abigail corners John behind a building and shoving his hand up her skirt saying something along the lines of “Feal where the ~~~~~~”. Also in the movie John and Abigail take a walk in the woods were the quite desperate girl gropes John in the woods. The movie obviously tries to show the relationship between the two in a more intense manner.
In the end in both the book and the movie John
Proctor is sent to the jail after being accused that he is a witch by Mary Warren in the court. MARY WARREN,pointing at proctor: You’re the Devil’s man! He is stopped in his tracks. PARRIS: Praise God! GIRLS: Praise