The Crucible Comparison

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In the three stories we’ve read this year, society has put in perspective how we should live our lives. Society has made it to where some people don’t live the way they want in fear of being looked at in a bad way for being different from everyone else. The Crucible shows this by killing anyone who is supposedly associated with the Devil. The Scarlet Letter puts a female on the spot for sleeping with a man whom she was not with. Of Mice And Men make people who are different and think different seem like a problem. In The Crucible, we see multiple people hanged because of word from children that they are accompanied by the Devil. First, this wasn’t even true about most of them so many people died for no reason. Second, if that is your belief, …show more content…
First off, that is her business to tell who she pleases. Second, if they liked each other enough to sleep together then they obviously liked one another a lot. It was so bad because they were not married, which is not, even remotely, okay. They, back then, said that it was to be, if you were married, you were not to be divorced. That is controlling the lives of free people. What if they didn’t love that person anymore? They were expected to stay with that person forever. They weren’t allowed to look at another in respect for the person whom they were married. In Of Mice And Men, they portray Lenny as a problem because he is a little different. They make it seem as if when a person has a little bit more trouble understanding things than other people do that that person isn’t really good for anything. That’s like saying that because a person is a little slower at comprehending things that they can’t do anything for themselves. George has to take care of Lenny because he is incapable of doing it himself. Some people do need taken care of but that isn’t a bad thing, that’s just how they were