The Crucible Diary Essay

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Dear Diary,

November 6th

Act I- First Half Aye what I fear most has begun in our small town of Salem. News of witchcraft amongst three young women has hit my desk. I do not know what to think of these accusations for there is no proof. I do; however, find it quite peculiar that when I questioned John Proctor about the situation and about the adolescent girls in town that he avoided the question and seemed almost in a rush. I plan on taking a trip to Pastor Parris’ home in the morning to question him on this situation and check on his young daughter, who I hear is ill and refusing to respond to anyone. The strange walking trail and fire pit I found in the woods during my investigation today seemed almost planned and premeditated. I plan on asking all females in their young years about these strange stories and discoveries as soon as possible and make my assumptions after I receive more reliable and solid answers. I am frightened at what i may find, but I have to investigate these happenings and do what would be best for my small town. Also, there are out of this world claims that a person was seen flying over a barn. I do not know what to make of this because how can a person, ill or not, fly. As the days go on the stories get more and more ridiculous, but somehow more serious. I have no idea what to do because I have not enough proof to make an arrest. I hear that Pastor Parris is taking this situation upon himself, but I do not understand why he would do such a…