The Crucible Discussion Questions

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The Crucible - ACT II Discussion Questions

How have things changed in Salem from the end of Act I to the beginning of Act II? What has caused the change? (pg. 47-48) At the end of Act I Salem was calm and collected. Johns wife seems more aware of his drifting and she is acting cold towards him due to his affairs with other women. The season has also changed from winter to spring signifying a change in the story of the play. Since Mr. Parris’s daughter and Ruth had become sick the whole town seems to be a lot more aware of the possibility of witchcraft among the towns people and many of the towns people are worried about what is happening to their town. The cause for this change in Salem is mainly due to the “Illness” or “Possession” of Ruth
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He violated their religion by having an affair with another woman and is lucky that Elisabeth is still with him. I feel that their dynamic is still a bit sketchy. Elizabeth seems to be very cold towards John but that seems to be justified. But on the other hand Johns strictness and rebellion seems a bit off. Like stated before John is lucky to still have a wife let alone a life.

Which commandment does Proctor forget? What is the significance of this? How does Hale respond when John says its no big deal to forget one? (pg. 63-64) When reciting the commandments Proctor forgets “Thou shall not murder” Which is pretty ironic seeing as Abigail has just been murdered. Leaving this out makes it seem as if he does not think of this commandment as an actual commandment because he seems to have all of the other memorized except for this one. Hale begins to seem worried as Proctor states that this is a “Small fault” with Hale responding with “Theology, sir, is a fortress; no crack in a fortress may be accounted small” (Miller 64). Hale seems irritated that Proctor could forget what seems like the most important commandment in the heat of the moment. What do John and Elizabeth say (separately) when Hale asks if they believe in witchcraft? Whose response is smarter? Why? (pg.