Essay on The Crucible Is Set At A Theocratic Environment Which Means The Church And The State Are Together

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The Crucible is set at a Theocratic environment which means the church and the state are together. The theocratic essesence in the crucible the moral laws and state laws are the same. If you do not go along with the law it is a threat not only to the people but also to god and their religion. In Salem either things belong o god or the devil. The witch trials are the intolerance and hanging witches is the renovation of the community’s honesty. Everyone that involves with and worship the devil will be eliminated from Salem. Too much exaggeration or weirdness also commotion going on in the crucible. People will believe anything they hear about someone being involved with the devil so that makes everyone against each other. Neighbor’s watch what’s going on and don’t know what’s really going on just being nosey and want something to say. Abigail accuses Elizabeth Proctor and has her sent to jail all Abigail really wants is to take her place. Thomas Putnam also creates a problem by gaining revenge on Francis Nurse by getting Rebecca convicted of the murder of Ann Putnam’s children. Commotion can only continue if it is being egged on. Everyone wants a good reputation no one wants to be accused of witchcraft. Many characters try to protect their reputation; maybe a friend wants to accuse another for being involved in witchcraft. Parris fears that Abigail excessive questions and actions and hints of witchcraft around his daughter that lays in a coma will threaten his…