The Crucible John Proctor Conflict Analysis

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In Arthur Miller’s short play, The Crucible, John Proctor through acts 1 through 4 deals with many conflicts. The main conflict he has to deal with is the that he had broken the adultery commandment when he had that affair with Abigail back when she was 17. Since that day he is worried that Abigail would tell her Uncle Parris about the romantic evening her and John Proctor have had. Abigail wanted Mr. Proctor to herself, and the only way she thought she could have him is to get rid of his wife Elizabeth. In act one, Betty and Abigail are talking about what happened in the woods when Betty tells us what Abigail did.” You drank blood Abby, you didn’t tell him that!... You drank a charm to kill John Proctor’s wife!”(Miller 19.) John Proctor tells