The Crucible John Proctor Relationship Essay

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There are many theories on how relationships are formed, through bonding, loving, caring and even crying. Some say it’s first impressions, some say its past experiences, there are many different theories, and here is one. Experiences shape relationships such as shown the Crucible when John Proctor and Abby have an affair. This was a bad experience that made John’s marriage with Elizabeth difficult because of him committing adultery. It tells you how if someone is unfaithful to you, things will not be the same, there will be sad or awkward moments and if you love each other enough you will work through it and not make the same mistakes again. At times during the story the Crucible John finds himself frustrated, frustrated from past experiences that have shaped bad relationships among people he knows. Like when John is frustrated with Abby for not leaving him be with his wife to be happy, she was constantly at him saying he should leave Elizabeth for her. That experience made John frustrated so he walks on eggshells every time he’s around her. John may finally get to Abby to leave him alone but she could take it the wrong way and ruin his …show more content…
This is like Abby; to the world she’s a kind young girl who is so unfortunate to be taken by a witch's spirit. While in reality she is a two faced liar who is the cause of many people's deaths in the Crucible. One person to focus on in the book is Paris, he moves to Salem to become the new minister; he meets Abby and falls for all her lies and stories like most people. Fortunately as the book reads on, Paris becomes suspicious of all her stories and realizes that something is up. He and the rest of Salem had been mislead from the beginning, and Paris finds that out. Unfortunately it’s too late, there is no stopping her now. This goes to show that you should get to know somebody better before you believe everything they