The Crucible John Proctor Reputation

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Preserving one’s reputation is a prevalent theme in The Crucible. Several of the characters are concerned about their reputations. Do you think a good name is more important than the truth? Write an essay with at least four paragraphs explaining your response to this question. You may use personal experiences, observations, or examples from previous readings in order to support your position.

In The Crucible there are many characters that feel their reputation is very important such as John Proctor and the way he portrays himself as an individual. Another person that worries about their reputation is Reverend Parris the preacher. There are plenty more I will explain later in this essay. But the thing that I was getting to was is the truth more important than one's reputation? Should you always tell the truth over your reputation or should you lie to make yours so much better but feel guilty in the end.
First, John Proctor who is one of the most well known men around the area that they live in. John Proctor was a
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She is very hypocritical and would lie in order to get her out of trouble but wouldn’t lie to save her reputation. She is one to point fingers and name names, but wouldn’t own up to anything and that shows me that she don’t care very much on her reputation. She had an got with John Proctor and had an affair and his wife found out about it. He doesn’t like Abigail anymore, but she does and wants John Proctors wife dead. So she danced naked around a fire and drank blood, which by the way she blamed on Tituba and said she made her drink it, and wished on John Proctor’s wife to get sick or ill and die so that she can take over as John’s Wife or so his wife believes. Abigail is no criminal, but is naughty, a sweet talker, and blames everyone else but herself. In my opinion she picks neither reputation or truth she would rather cover her own hind and make sure she's in the clear and she don't care how she does