The Crucible John Proctor Rivalry Essay

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In The Crucible by Arthur Miller in 1953 many rivalries and grudges came out due to the craziness in the time of the Salem witch trials. The main cause of rivalry is Abby Williams. Abigail Williams, a teenage girl, was a servant/maid for John and Elizabeth Proctor. Abby was released as their servant when Elizabeth discovers that Abby and John have had an affair. Ever since the affair, Abby has wanted Elizabeth out of the picture. Abigail has Tituba, the slave where she lives, put a curse on Elizabeth to get rid of her so she could have John. Abigail then threatens the other girls who participated in the cursing in order for them not to tell others. She did this to keep her town from thinking she was the lying manipulative girl that she really was. Abigail began this witchcraft herself and then went on to blame others, including Elizabeth proctor. Could one be more evil and phsycho? What exactly made Abigail feel entitled to John Proctor? Abby Williams’s love for John Proctor was just the start to a rivalry with Elizabeth Proctor, which often forces Abby to …show more content…
One mistake on both of their parts has led to so much more trouble then it should have. Abby thought because of this mistake John loved her and wanted to be with her also, but the feeling was not as mutual as she had thought/wanted. The rivalry between Elizabeth and Abigail played a strong role in the entire play because Abby is one of the main characters. Abby caused contention in the proctors and others lives. Her goal was not to let everybody live happy and peaceful if it didn’t mean she got what she wanted. Abigail was definitely more interested in herself and her own happiness than those around her. Abigail could definitely be described as a selfish teenage girl. Sounds like a lot of girls today. Many girls lie an manipulate to keep there reputation in high school and with friends. They may not be as selfish as Abby Williams was but to an extent they