The Crucible Movie And Book Comparison Essay

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There is often a noticeable difference between famous books and their movies, which tends to upsets most fans of the particular book. However, the differences can be accredited to the directors need for more drama or entertainment. In particular, the story of the Crucible, a book written by Arthur Miller set in the time of the Salem Witch Trials included some moderate differences between the writing and film. By using scenes such as the girls dancing in the forest, Tituba being forced in a confession, and John and Abigail kissing, the director was able to add touches of drama, suspense, and foreshadowing. Right off the bat, there is a dramatic difference that the viewer can notice in the movie: the scene in which Abigail and the others dance in the forest. In the book this scene is only mentioned as something that had happened in the past and used against Abigail. In contrast, the movie used this scene as its first in the movie automatically creating a dramatic effect that could be not be found in the book. Throughout the book this scene, this scene had been brought up often and lied about. By starting the movie …show more content…
In the book, Tituba was asked to give a confession and only threatened to be whipped if she did not comply. Meanwhile in the movie, Tituba was actually whipped until a confession came from her mouth. This scene immediately becomes more tense and gives the audience a sense of uncertainty while making them question the honesty of her confession, which can be seen as the director's purpose for changing the scene. It was important for scenes like this to be emphasized because without, the scene would not put such a negative light on the men that whipped her and their purpose. Those watching the movie would not really question her confession if the scene had just included Tituba being threatened compared to as immediately done when the scene was