The Crucible Movie And Book Comparison Essay

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Another difference between the book and the movie was at the party when Melinda met Andy and he raped her. In the book Melinda is off by herself a little bit away from the rest of the party where no one could see her. Then that’s when Andy came over and got her on the ground so her could attack her. In the movie Andy approaches Melinda in the middle of the party. They talk for a while in the living room surrounded by people until he convinces her to go for a drive. Once he gets her into the car it when he holds her down and attacks her. I feel that the way it happened in the movie makes it a little bit more clear what happened in the book and it makes it out to be the last thing you would expect Andy to do. In the book you can somewhat predict what is going to happen based on the settting of the situation. In the movie Andy Evans comes over and talk to the Martha’s at lunch. At the time Melinda was sitting at the table with the Martha’s while her friend Heather went to go get some food and when Andy comes over he leans over Melinda while talking to the lead Martha. Melinda freaks out and runs from the table straight to her closet. In the book he also comes over and talk to the Marth’as but he also plays with Melinda’s hair, unlike in the movie. Then Melinda runs away and throws up in the bathroom. In the book I feel that by Melinda getting sick it really shows how Andy makes her feel and how much being around him reminds her of the party. Another way that the movie was different from the book was how in the book Melinda wrote on the bathroom stall wall about how much a a jerk Andy Evans is. In the movie she did not write about Andy, but …show more content…
I differences in the movie make the plot a little bit harder to understand. I feel that if you have not read the book you would not be able to understand the movie. The book lays out the plot better for people to understand than if you have just seen the movie by