The Crucible Play Vs Movie Essay

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In Act One of the Crucible, the readers get an introduction to all of the characters and the situation in the town. There seems to have been a case of witchcraft in the town of Salem, Massachusetts. Reverend Parris, a minister in Salem, found many young girls dancing in the woods. Reverend Parris is very concerned for his reputation, so he does not want people to believe that the cause of his daughter’s illness is witchcraft. The film and play versions of Act One of the Crucible portray many similarities and differences, such as the scenes, characters and scripts.
There is a difference in scenes in the beginning of the play and film versions of The Crucible. The opening scene in the film portrays the girls and Tituba dancing around a fire in the woods. In the play, the opening scene is Reverend Parris praying because Betty is very sick, “Reverend Parris is praying now,
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The film shows Tituba being beaten by the reverend because she will not confess to witchcraft. In the play, Tituba is only threatened to be beaten if she does not confess, “You will confess yourself or I will take you out and whip you to your death, Tituba,” (Pg. 478). Tituba finally confesses in order to resist the beating by Reverend Parris, “Well, they was always talking: they was always runnin’ round and carryin’ on,” (Pg. 479). The scene of Tituba getting beaten is added to the film to add to the dramatic effect.
One similarity in the play and the film would be the way they both ended. The play ended with the girls screaming about who they saw in the forest with the Devil, “I saw Goody Booth with the Devil,” (Pg. 481). The film also ended with the girls calling out the names of the women they saw with the Devil in the woods. The characters are portrayed similar in the film and play versions. Abigail is very mean in the film and in the play, “With an endless capacity for dissembling,” (Pg.