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The Crucible Review 1)Reverend Samuel Parris­ Middle 40’s, believed to be persecuted wherever he went, a widower with no interest in children, uncle of Abigail, father of Betty, Reverend of Salem, Massachusetts, spent some years in Barbados as a merchant
2)Betty Parris­ 10 yrs old, daughter of the Reverend, is sickly in the beginning
3)Tituba­Negro slave from Barbados in her mid­forties, Rev. Parris’s slave, led dances in the woods 4)Abigail Williams­ Niece of Rev. Parris, 17 yrs. old, had an affair with John Proctor and is still in love with him, strikingly beautiful orphan, lies a lot
5)John Proctor­Farmer in his mid­thirties, powerful of body, even­tempered, not easily led, had an affair with Abby, he is a lecher/sinner, respected and feared in Salem
6)Elizabeth Proctor­Good mother, not very affectionate, wife of Proctor
7)Susanna Walcott­a little younger than Abigail, a nervous, hurried girl, messenger for Parris, accused Martha Corey
8)Thomas Putnam­well­to­do, hard­handed land owner near fifty, well respected within the town, was the son of the wealthiest man in Salem, fought Indians, regarded himself as the intellectual superior of most of the people in the town
9)Mercy Lewis­ Putnam’s servant, fat, sly, merciless, 18 yr. old
10)Mary Warren­17, subservient, naive, lowly girl, the Proctor’s servant, easily manipulated by people above her in the social class
11)Rebecca Nurse­Wife of Francis Nurse, had a very high status in the town, she is wise, has 11 children and 26 grand­children
12)Giles Corey­ 83, knotted with muscle, inquisitive, witty, still powerful, has been in court 33 times 13)Reverend John Hale­ Nearly 40, tight­skinned, eager­eyed intellectual, witchcraft intrigues him at beginning of the play then his interest diminishes by the end, feels himself allied with the best minds of Europe, goal is light, goodness, and preservation
14)Francis Nurse­ husband of Rebecca Nurse, tries and fails to get Rebecca released, gets more people in trouble
15)Eziekel Cheever­messenger for the court, keeps records
16)Marshal Herrick­ early 30’s, marshal of the court, possibly a drunk
17)Judge Hathorne­In his 60’s, bitter, remorseless Salem Judge
18)Martha Corey­wife of Giles, has books, is accused of witchcraft and hung

19)Deputy Governor Danforth­Grave man in his 60’s, of some humor and sophistication that do not interfere with his position in the court
20)Sarah Good­worships Satan by the end of the play, one of the first accused, begs for food, sleeps in ditches.
21)Mrs. Ann Putnam­Grief stricken, crazy, lost 8 children, current child is sickly, twisted soul of
45, death­ridden woman, haunted by dreams, wife of Tom Putnam

1)Susanna Walcott
­There’s no medicine that can fix the problem and since everyone’s mindset is on witches, the heads turn to the unnatural and it brings witchcraft into the home of Reverend Parris
2)Rev. Parris
­Rev. Parris is afraid of the townspeople judging him if there is witchcraft found in his house because then he might be thrown out of his position.
3)John Proctor
­Proctor is referring to the greed of Rev. Parris and how materialistic he is. Parris would rather talk about money than God
­ Rev. Parris was a successful business man in Barbados…
­ weeping when he loses all of his money but not when daughter is sick...
4)John Proctor the sin is so terrible that it is impossible for it to be reconciled, whoever committed it will go to Hell
5)Rev. Parris
­he is concerned about Abigail’s reputation mostly for his own sake, he is a very self­centered
6)Rev. Hale irony b/c he’s trying to catch an invisible crime he is extremely confident that he knows all of the answers when he utters this quote but is unsure by the end of the play
7)John Proctor
Emphasis because alcohol has a very low freezing point
His wife will never forgive him fully for the wrongs he