The Crucible Tone Analysis

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In the early 1950’s everyone was very religious and believed, but hated witchcraft. The story called The Crucible written by Arthur Miller was based out of salem and was a hysteria story. Everyone was basically either panicing or blaming someone else. Theres many different types of tone throughout the book called The Crucible. While reading and noticing many different tones, the three main ones that stuck out to me were, Justice, Jealousy, and Accusatory. In The Crucible, the people were hysteria,in a mass panic, and i noticed some different tones. The first tone that i'm going to be talking about in my essay in Justice. Jealousy through the characters speaking back and forth is another big tone that i noticed. The tone that stuck out the …show more content…
Abigail and Betty started just spitting out names of people the “saw”. “BETTY, calling out hysterically and with great relief: I saw Martha Bellows with the Devil! ABIGAIL: I saw Goody Sibber with the Devil! It is rising to a great glee. PUTNAM: The marshal, I’ll call the marshal!” (source: In Act 1 Page 45). Before Betty woke up, Abigail confesses of dancing for the Devil, she saw the Devil, and that she wrote in his book, but now she says that she wants to go back to Jesus. Then after confessing she started to blame people. Shortly after abby confessed about the Devil, Betty awoke and she started to join right in with Abigail. They were just calling out names of other people saying they saw them, because they did not want to get accused of witchcraft. If you get a accused of witchcraft then they will investigate you until they find some type of evidence that says you're a witch. If they find any kind of evidence the they will tell everyone and then you'll be hung. At the beginning of the book, a lot of the girls followed her out to the woods and the danced naked around a pot, so they were doing witch stuff. All the girls were following Abby's commands that she gave them while they were dancing around the pot in the woods. Out of the three tones this is the one that was throughout the whole book and the one that stuck out to me through the book.
In The Crucible, written by Arthur miller, the three main tones were Justice, Jealousy, and Accusatory. The tone Justice is used to show that you can non get away with things. Jealousy is used throughout the book to show that life's not fair about everything. In The Crucible Accusatory was being shown by people blaming others for witchcraft. The town of salem was in a mass panic, so no one really wanted to get caught with