Does The Ocean Changes With Its Depth

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Does the ocean temperature changes with its depth ?
To determine if the temperature of ocean changes with its depth.
If the depth of the ocean is deep then the temperature decrease.
1.Use the internet to find the various temperatures of the ocean depths.
2. Look for the depths of the ocean in various parts of the world and the corresponding temperatures.
3. Record all information in a notebook.
4. Graph results. * Google * Graph paper * Notebook * Color Pencil

The temperature of the ocean is affected by the depth of the ocean. The temperatures vs. the depths vary in different parts of the world. Comparing the temperature of the ocean depths (100ft) in the Indian Ocean vs. the temperature of the ocean depths (100ft) into the water in the Arctic Ocean . The temperature may vary depending on the amount of light that reaches the ocean floor.
The deeper the ocean depth , the more the temperature decrease. Certain parts of the ocean can be very deep and dark that the temperatures can below zero (freezing).
In conclusion , yes the ocean temperature does changes with the ocean depth. The temperature may vary with different oceans because all oceans may have the same results but different depths to reach below zero (freezing).

One way I would use this information in real life is if I was to go scuba diving because it would prepare me on planning to reach certain areas in the ocean. It also helps take proper precaution before diving to a certain depth