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Horrible History ­ The Crusades by Alannah Walsh, Aubri Young, Jackie Rodriguez, Teresa Masteller, Tre Stahley Cast Alannah ­ zombie #1, Sister Rose Aubri ­ zombie #2, Sir Thomas Payne Jackie ­ infidel Teresa ­ zombie #3, Jesus Tre ­ Narrator Introduction Alannah, Aubri, Jackie, Teresa, Tre I’m Alannah, I’m Aubri, I’m Jackie, I’m Teresa, I’m Tre, and this is our Horrible History presentation over...The Crusades. Scene One Narrator [walks out gesturing and smiling] Hi there, my name is Tre Stahley and I’d like to introduce you to a world renown adventure known as The Crusades. This escapade has become a hit sensation in Europe and is sure to do the same here. [casually strolls around] Between 1000 and 1200 C.E., a series of ‘holy wars’ were held between the Christians and the Muslims. This war centered around the city of Jerusalem. The objectives of these wars were to gain back the holy land and expel the muslims. You too can relish in these holy wars, but you must call in the next six minutes. Operators are standing by. Don’t take it from me though, here is a first hand listen at Sir Thomas Payne, one of the Knights who has participated in The Crusades! End of Scene One Scene Two Sir Thomas Payne [stands in front of camera with shield and sword] Hello! My name is Thomas Payne and I am not a paid actor! I’m an actual survival of The Crusades! During my time in the Military I had the wonderful opportunity of participating in these holy wars. As a devout Christian, I had no problem killing muslims! There were times when we accidentally murdered people of the Jewish and Christian faith, but it was well worth the fun! I’ve participated in nearly all nine crusades and every time gets better! Call now and you can reserve your very own blood soaked armor!

[infidel runs in the shot, waving a sword and running at Thomas] Thomas Payne Look there, it’s an infidel! [Draws sword and kills infidel. Dusts off hands while infidel lies dead on ground] Looks like I’ve just won a ticket to my salvation folks! [camera fades] End Of Scene Two

Scene Three Narrator If that wasn’t motivating, I don’t know what is! Although Thomas Payne makes a great testimonial, I’d like to welcome here with me, Sister Rose. [camera pans to Sister Rose] Sister Rose Lovely being here Tre, thank you for the warm welcome. Narrator Of course. Now tell me, why do you recommend partaking in The Crusades? Sister Rose Well Tre, I truly believe that gaining back the holy land is important to the Christian faith. Apart from that, killing an infidel is a one way ticket to heaven. Narrator That sounds like one heck of a perk to me! Sister Rose It certainly is Tre. God does not discriminate either, people of all ages and economic standings are welcome. Why we even had children join in on one of the crusades! Narrator Isn’t that just lovely! Well thank you again for your time Sister Rose. [camera pans back to Narrator] After both of