Essay on The Cultural Beliefs and Norms of the Amish

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While the Amish does not belief in new modern medicines that help prevent some colds and decease, and this creates a problem when they do get sick. They rather use home remedies rather than modern medicine, so when they do decide to go to the doctor or hospital to get treated they do not under the terms that the medical staff is using to explain to the Amish what they do have. For example they will have a hard time understanding how cancer is going to be treated if they discover they have cancer. This is going to create a problem for them to agree to get the treatment that is needed to cure the cancer. Amish people are very stoic decent, honest, hardworking, devote, and respectful people, some Amish have a low level of English literacy. So with that being said it is important not to lie or sugar coat anything when you are talking to the Amish people. It is also a good idea to have a visual aid to show the Amish people when you are explaining what is going on, this will help the better understand how sick they are since they do not have a very high understanding of English. Is it also important to maintain a respectful distance from them, they also do not like to be touched, so when they are being examined limit the touching to a very minimal amount, and it would be better if there is a female to examine and talk to a Amish female, this is because it is more disrespectful when a man touches another female and vice versa. Amish fist language would be German, and some Amish…