The Cure Essay

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The poem "The Cure" is basically about this person not having the will to get better and cure his illness or sickness. Even though he knows that his health is struggling he still feels that no one can help him. I think the most health that is being damaged is his mental and emotional health. So this means that his health triangle is unbalanced.

The physical health in this poem would be "so I agree to begin attending therapy, but I never go." Since this person never went to their therapy then they are not getting the treatment they need. Which is important to their health. The mental and emotional health would be "I know that there is no cure or treatment for my kind of "messed up." Your mental and emotional health includes your feelings about yourself. This person obviously feels horrible about himself and that no one can help him. People with good emotional health avoid dwellings in negative thoughts. This person is only focusing on the negative thoughts by saying "I know that there's no cure or treatment for my kind of "messed up." So this person mental and emotional health is suffering a lot. With their mental and emotional health unbalancing the health triangle then their whole health is messed up. The social health of this poem would be “you need help! They say to me constantly.” I think this person has communication problems. He clearly know that there is only hope with him living is to go to the therapy but he just ignores the doctor pleads toward him. I think that this person not only has health problems but is depressed, because they do not have the will to even attempt to get better and live. This person has probably had a tough life and thinks that no one will miss him or even care if he is gone. That is why they are depressed. When I think of this person I think that they have very little support and acknowledge from other people that is why he feels like he does not belong, he is not love, and mainly he is messed up in the head. But since he thinks and kind of knows