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Autism is a disease that affects information processing in the brain by altering how nerve cells and their synapses make connections, or make logic. The most frustrating part about Autism is that we still do not know what causes this, or how to prevent it. This is a very serious mental disorder and it is also a very misunderstood disorder. People tend to associate autism with down syndrome and other mental disorders. Where in most cases the carrier of that disease isn't able to learn or retain information like a normal person could. However, most people with autism are very intelligent and the part of the brain associated with learning still works perfectly. It is the social aspect of the brain that autism impairs. Autism makes it hard for people to pick up on sarcasm, imagine the thoughts and feelings of other people, and it is extremely difficult to emphasize. In the book The Curious Incident of the Dog at Night-Time the main character Christopher suffers from almost all of these symptoms but it is never made clear that he actually has autism. Christopher is socially awkward and does not like to interact with other people. He thinks casual conversations are not necessary because nothing of importance is being discussed. This story shows how Christopher battles these symptoms, he does not necessarily overcomes them, but he becomes much more social and much more open to interaction with other people. Christopher sees and experiences things much differently that other people. He has a very hard time with distinguishing facial expressions, sarcasm, and he has a very difficult time understanding other people's logic. He also fantasizes about being the only person left on the earth and he avoids people at most costs. I absolutely think that Christopher has a disability because none of the things listed above would be considered “normal” behavior. Most people would go crazy with out having other people to talk to or interact with, while he dreams about it. He does make significant progress as the novel progress, and we see this when he discovers his neighbors dead dog and makes it his ambition to solve this mystery. While he goes through the process of solving this mystery he begins to find out other things about his life. Such as his fathers affair and his mothers' whereabouts. As he finds out more about himself and the people that are close to him we see his autistic like symptoms start to fade. He does thing that he would have never thought to do before, like search for his mother and write a book. I feel that Christopher's future will most likely be a very happy and successful one. He gets straight A's in school and will he aspires to be the only person from his school to continue his education. The only thing that would seriously impact his future would be his mild case of autism. Personal interaction is such a huge part of all professions and not being able to do that well can definitely hurt one's chances in the real world. But the progress that he made throughout the novel is a very good sign that he will have a very prosperous future. However, like it or not Christopher will always be autistic and people will always hold that against him. To ensure that he has a happy future he will just always have to disregard people's initial judgements of him and can never take no for answer. It was proven in…